Fit'n'Slim 12 Week Programme

We start again in April 2017

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Fit'n'Slim 12 week programme

Time To Take Control Of Your Waistline, Health & Fitness

Lose weight naturallyYep, it feels as though the New Year started a mere few weeks ago and here we are with Easter almost upon us. Then the countdown really starts to the summer season, bikini body stress and panic about why you didn’t start to do something about that winter comfort eating sooner. Crash diets seem tempting but never get lasting results, even if you manage to stick with them past Wednesday (having started on Monday).

So how about getting yourself well and truly on track to a healthy, slimmer, trimmer body starting with a consistent, healthy approach? An approach that forgets the diet mentality of stripping all the bad stuff out, leaving you with nothing but cravings for everything you’ve told yourself you can’t have (even though you can), and leading to an overwhelming sense of deprivation, misery, moodiness and ultimately failure in your goals.

Instead focus on putting more of the good stuff in.

We’re here to help

Countdown to Christmas Weightloss ChallengeWith children, partners and aging parents to look after and all the usual demands on your time, it’s very easy to drop off your list of things that are important. Unfortunately, if you don’t look after yourself, you won’t be in a fit state to run around after all those other people and fulfil those committments. You’ll also be increasing your chances of long term health issues and weight gain.

Time is of the essence, both in terms of getting yourself slim, trim, fit and healthy and in terms of how much you have available to shop, prep and eat your daily meals. So we’ve got a 2 pronged solution for you.

What would it be like if you had:

  • shopping lists of exactly what foods to buy on a weekly basis
  • menu plans so you knew exactly which meals to prepare and when
  • quick and easy recipes to follow for delicious, wholesome, nourishing goodness that also happen to taste fabulous
  • ideas for planning and preparing ahead to save more time
  • a plan that will help you slim and trim naturally
  • a plan that will boost your energy levels, give you glowing skin, shiny hair, lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and more
  • a weekly group get together to share your thoughts, experiences and catch up on more handy hints and tips
  • simple ways to steer clear of sabotage
  • guidance for setting achievable goals and help crossing them off your list successfully


  • a dedicated weekly group running session to move your body in new ways
  • a private weekly group circuit class to build functional fitness, strength, stamina and tone
  • and a fabulous group of people with the same weight, health and fitness insecurities as you to do it all with

That’s exactly what’s on offer!


New Date Starting

April 2017

once school hols are done and dusted

CALL Melissa to have a chat about whether it’s right for you

07813 988186

Check out Melissa’s video explaining more about the programme

The healthy eating part

Melissa Fairhurst - Owner of Fresh Start Health Juice BarYou’ll get together with Health Coach and Natural Juice Therapist Melissa once a week to talk about simple ways to change your eating habits, discuss recipes and health tips, as well as share challenges, ideas, successes and results.

So if you want to:

  • be slim and trim
  • boost your energy levels
  • improve your skin
  • feel vibrant
  • clear the brain fog
  • reduce niggly aches and pains
  • banish headaches
  • have an easy plan to follow
  • change your eating habits for the better

… get yourself booked on the Fit’n’Slim 12 Week Programme

The fitness part

Jonathan Fairhurst - personal trainer, GB athlete Jonathan Fairhurst - personal trainer, GB athleteTwice a week you’ll be in the hands of Jonathan of JGF Fitness – personal trainer, GB athlete and double Ironman – who will support, guide and encourage you to move your body in ways you might not have considered for a while.

Too many of us end up sitting in the car, at a desk or in meetings all day and don’t use our body other than to get in and out of bed, in and out of the car, to carry shopping, pick up children, and not much else.

So, if you want to:

  • be able to run around in the park with your children
  • carry the shopping easily
  • walk up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath
  • be able to push yourself up off the floor if you fall over
  • develop core strength and stability to prevent falls
  • tone as you trim to prevent saggy excess skin
  • avoid a lifetime of pharmaceutical drugs and nhs waiting lists
  • want to lose some weight before you can face going to a gym or fitness class

… get yourself booked on the Fit’n’Slim 12 Week Programme

CALL Melissa to have a chat about whether it’s right for you

07813 988186

What kind of results can you expect?

As you may expect, everyone is different so results vary. But expect to lose AT LEAST 7lbs plus inches off your waist, hips, legs and chest. But if you want something more specific here are some of the results of recent groups:

Martin – 26lbs

Michelle – 16lbs plus 1.5” thighs, 1” arms, 2” chest, 2” waist, 3” hips

Jean – 5lbs (21lbs since Sept) plus 1” waist, 2” hips

David – 30lbs plus 6” waist

Sheila – 9lbs plus 4.5” waist, 3” hips, 1” legs

Emma E – 7lbs plus 1.5” waist, 1” hips, 3” chest, 1” legs, 0.5” arms. Also shed 21 inches in the first 12 weeks (Sept-Dec)!

Dierdre – 6lbs

Bernie: 12lbs plus 2″ waist, 0.5″ bust

Emma H: 17lbs plus 4″ waist, 1.5″ hips, 2″ legs, 0.5″ arms, 2″ bust

Dominic: 8lbs

Karen: 9lbs

Max: 1st 4lbs

In Melissa’s sessions you will:

Fit'n'Trim 12 Week Challenge with Fresh Start HealthBe weighed and measured and photographed. This is to keep a track of your progress. I’m not a fan of the scales, especially not as a daily ritual, I prefer to go by how good you feel, but once every couple of weeks as a guide to show you that you’re going in the right direction and just how much you’ve achieved is fine. And measurements and photographs at the beginning and end of the challenge will also help show your fantastic results.

Be free to discuss any challenges and successes. Knowing there are other people in the room going through the same experience as you, at the same time, can be a real boost and gives you the feeling that you’re not alone. Sometimes things crop up that you want to talk about, other times you may be happy to just sit back and listen to other members of the group. Previous groups have all said how helpful they found this part and how it felt like a safe environment to discuss any issues they had. They’ve also become firm friends.

Fit'n'Slim 12 week programme running groupBe given helpful hints and tips. If you guys let me get a word in (!) each week I’ll be sharing more hints, tips and ways to make your healthy new lifestyle quicker and easier.

Receive menu plans. Over the weeks you will be given shopping lists, menu plans and recipes to help you establish healthier eating habits.

Hear how to stay motivated. I’ll be showing you how to set achievable short and long term goals and change your mindset so you achieve them.

Healthy snack or juiceYou will need:

  • A juicer
  • A blender
  • To clear your diary on a weekly basis for each of the sessions

Whilst you will not be on just juice for the whole 12 weeks, it will form a firm foundation for each and every day of the 12 week plan, so you will need a juicer and a blender. Juicing is a fantastic way to get nutrients in to your body quickly and easily, helping to cleanse, build and support every chemical reaction, flow, function and process in your body.

Fear not, we will be using our teeth too!

You may not be a team player or feel the need to talk through any of the recipes, successes, challenges, etc as you go along but I can’t stress enough the importance of turning up each and every week whenever humanly possible to hear the latest hints and tips and to go through the plan for the coming week. It really will help you get your head in the right place for success and make the whole process so much easier.

CALL Melissa to have a chat about whether it’s right for you

07813 988186

Check out Melissa’s video explaining more about the programme

In Jonathan’s sessions you will:

JGF Fitness WirralDevelop gradually. Everyone will be at a different level. Some will have run before, including competing in 10ks, tough mudder style events, or just school sports day. Others won’t have broken in to a trot since their own sports day way back when. Jonathan will warm you up, develop your running legs and encourage you to go that little bit further than you ever thought possible. He’s also there to show you that you’re capable of far more than you give yourself credit for and to encourage and support you as you build confidence.

Fit'n'Slim programme circuit class

The running sessions will start at 6pm for a half hour session. At this time of year it’s wonderful to be out in the lighter evenings. Afterwards we’ll get straight in to our indoor healthy eating section of the evening, adding on a few layers of clothing to keep warm whilst we chat.

Fit'n'Slim programme group boxingDevelop functional fitness, strength and tone. It’s important to be able to do every day things easily and effortlessly. Over the weeks you will challenge your body – at your own level – using different muscle groups to keep your body guessing and to develop range of motion as well as core strength and stability. It’s not a competition. Everyone will be too concerned with what they’re doing to be looking at you. And remember, everyone is in the same boat.

It’s all too common to hear people say they want to lose some weight before they start a fitness routine. But if you get your body moving straight away you’ll get results on the weight loss front far more quickly … and you’ll tone as you go so no saggy bits!

Here’s a litte word from Jonathan

Ready to book?

You can pay by cash or ask us for details to make a bank transfer. Or you can pay online using the link below for an additional small fee. We’d like to have a quick chat with you before you decide whether it’s right for you anyway so give me a call and I can answer any questions you may have.

CALL Melissa to have a chat about whether it’s right for you

07813 988186


Start date: April 2017

Time: Run session Thursdays 6pm-6.30pm (except first day)

Group session Thursdays 6.30pm-7.30pm (8pm on first day)

Group circuit Mondays 8pm-9pm in Creation PT, Milner Road, Heswall

Numbers: Maximum 10 people due to space and to ensure plenty of personal attention


Healthy eating sessions & running development – tbc Heswall

Circuit class – Creation PT, 9 Milner Road, Heswall CH60 5RT


Feel amazingThe 12 week programme will provide you with:

Christmas Countdown Challenge  top tips to get your mindset ready for success

Christmas Countdown Challenge  ways to streamline and simplify your daily meals

Christmas Countdown Challenge  weekly shopping lists

Christmas Countdown Challenge  weekly menu plans

Christmas Countdown Challenge  easy to follow, quick to prepare recipes

Christmas Countdown Challenge  simple ways to change your eating habits long term

Christmas Countdown Challenge  weekly sessions to motivate and inspire you

Christmas Countdown Challenge  weekly group running session to build stamina and flow

Christmas Countdown Challenge  weekly private circuit class to develop functional fitness, strength and tone

Christmas Countdown Challenge all your health and fitness questions answered

Christmas Countdown Challenge a new group of friends to share your experiences and successes with


All of this is yours for the special price of £247

Places are limited to just 10 people due to space in both the shop and studio so please book early to avoid disappointment.

CALL Melissa to have a chat about whether it’s right for you

07813 988186

Check out Melissa’s video explaining more about the programme

Don’t just take our word for it about the results

Check out what the first group of Fit’n’Slimmers had to say at the end of their Fit’n’Slim experience. They enjoyed it all so much they keep coming back for more!!

Any Questions?

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered on this page please give me a call (07813 988186) and I’ll do my best to answer.

Fresh Start Health | West Kirby, Wirral, Merseyside

Where will the Fit’n’Trim Challenge take place?

Running sessions will in and around Heswall

This will lead straight in to the healthy eating session in a venue tbc

The circuit class will be in Creation PT, 6 Milner Road, Heswall CH60 5RT

Free parking for Fresh Start Health - Hoylake Is there any parking?

There is plenty of free parking on the road

Fresh Start Health | Prices for NLP sessions

How much does the Fit’n’Slim Challenge cost?


Fresh Start Health | Payment options for physical therapy sessions

How do I pay?

By cash or bank transfer (details available on request)

Payment must be received in advance

CALL Melissa to have a chat about whether it’s right for you

07813 988186

Check out Melissa’s video explaining more about the programme

Call Melissa for help with your physical, emotional, health and weight problems

How do I book my place?

Call or text Melissa and she will reserve you a place. Your place will be confirmed once payment has been received.

07813 988186

Cancellation policy

Unfortunately no refunds will be given, however, if more than 48 hours notice of cancellation is given your place can be transferred to a friend.

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