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doTERRA essential oils

Discover the powerful benefits of Essential Oils

If you would like to incorporate the power and beauty of nature in to your lifestyle on a whole new level then Essentials Oils could be just the thing you’re looking for.

They tend to be a bit of an unknown but once you integrate them in to your life you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them!

There are so many things I love about them. Their purity, their simplicity, their incredible health supporting benefits, their versatility, the fact anyone of any age can use them – yes, including babies – and of course their absolutely divine aromas.

So, if you’d like to learn how they can benefit you on your journey to cleaner living, higher levels of energy, improved digestion, clearer respiratory function and have an excellent ‘first aid kit’ for your family and chemical free cleaning for your home then join me for an Essential Oils Workshop in the comfort of your own home.

Get together a group of 4-8 friends, family, colleagues, gym buddies etc you think would be interested and would benefit from using essential oils for the health and wellbeing of their family and give me a call so we can organise a convenient date and time for a fun and fragrant evening: 07813 988186

I can’t wait to share the versatility, beauty and power of essential oils with you.

Workshops currently available

Home Health

How to create a chemical free home using essential oils to enhance your family’s health and wellbeing

Handy Handbag Essentials

Make your own rollerball to de-stress, enhance sleep or give you a little pick me up

Peak Performance

Discover how to use natural solutions to support fitness, performance and speed recovery

Emotional Wellbeing

Learn ways to even out those emotional ups and downs and support yourself naturally during the challenging times

Happy, Healthy Babies & Children

Discover how pure, natural essential oils can form the foundation of your family ‘first aid kit’, providing your little ones with chemical and toxin free ways to boost their immune system, recover from bumps and scrapes, improve sleep, reduce anxiety and more.

Pampered Pets

Support the health and wellbeing of your four legged friends with natural, non toxic, non chemical solutions to soothe, calm, reassure as well as keep environmental threats at bay.

On all workshops you will also discover:

* What essential oils are and where they come from
* The purity of the doTERRA range
* The wide range of benefits of a variety of oils
* Practical ways to introduce them in to your day for improvements in the health and
wellbeing of you and your family
* The most cost effective ways you can get your hot little hands on your favourites

Don’t fancy hosting a workshop but want to know about the oils?

Give me a call and we can meet for an informal chat over a cup of your favourite brew. No cost other than an hour of your time. I look forward to hearing from you. 07813 988186


Melissa Fairhurst - DoTerra Essential Oils Wellbeing Advocate

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