About Melissa

Melissa Fairhurst - Fresh Start HealthHi. My name is Melissa Fairhurst the person behind Fresh Start Health, focused on helping you get the health, energy and waistline you desire.

I know you will be in safe hands when you come to see me for help sorting out your health and weight issues, but how do you know that?

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my background so you have a better idea about my experience and qualifications.


Melissa Fairhurst - Holistic Therapist - Therapy QualificationsIn 2001 I became a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy® and set up an NLP training company. In the last 16 years I’ve helped many people change their life for the better.

Melissa Fairhurst - Holistic Therapist - Therapy QualificationsIn 2004 I also became a physical therapist qualifying as an Amatsu Practitioner and I started seeing clients for physical therapy and massage, helping them get rid of niggling and persistent aches and pains.

Melissa Fairhurst - Holistic Therapist - Therapy QualificationsIn 2008 I extended my qualifications further still by becoming a certified Weight Management Coach, helping people get to the root of their eating problems so they can reach and maintain their goal weight, size or shape with ease.

Melissa Fairhurst - Holistic Therapist - Therapy QualificationsIn 2011 I went back to my studies once again and qualified as an Independent Natural Juice Therapist, the first on the Wirral and in the Merseyside area. This means I can help you improve your health and reduce your weight using fresh, natural juice with all the incredibly cleansing, energising health benefits that brings.

Melissa Fairhurst - Holistic Therapist - Therapy QualificationsIn 2015 I began a Natural Health Coach qualification to deepen my knowledge and be able to offer a greater breadth of solutions to a variety of health concerns.

Melissa Fairhurst - Holistic Therapist - Therapy QualificationsIn 2016 I completed training in the gorgeous AromaTouch Technique, a rejuvenating body work technique to restore balance, boost your immune response and reduce your inflammatory response leaving you grounded, present and relaxed.

Where I spend my time

Melissa Fairhurst - Fresh Start HealthSo after 10 years running an NLP training company in Buckinghamshire alongside my Amatsu Therapy clinic, I have been back on the Wirral where I grew up for 8 years.

I run Fresh Start Health. For 3 years this was a funky Juice Bar and Wellbeing Shop. Now I’m returning to my therapy roots to work with people at a deeper level for transformations in their health, wellbeing, energy and waistline.

What I do

The main focus of my work is helping people get their health back on track through 3 key ways:

1. Practical, flexible and realistic nutrition. None of this diet mentality of misery and deprivation thank you very much. We’ve all done far too much of that in the past.

One to One Health CoachingNo, I help clients to tweak and adjust their eating habits to increase the amount of good nutrients going in to their body in a way they can enjoy rather than stripping out all the stuff they know isn’t good for them but love to eat. Otherwise there would just be a gaping hole that would end up being filled with more rubbish food or drink choices which isn’t really the point!

Many of my clients are on various forms of medication for a whole raft of ailments. It’s amazing what people can achieve in terms of turning their health around and reducing, if not stopping completely, all pharmaceutical medication once they start putting the right nutrients and building blocks for health in to their body.

Now I am not medically trained and so all changes to medication MUST be done under consultation with a certified medical practitioner and I am not allowed to make any health claims. What I can say is that juicing and good nutrition have helped a phenomenal number of people turn their health and weight around. Worth a go wouldn’t you say?

doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy Kit2. Essential oils form another tool in the tool box. Providing pure, natural support where the body needs it most, whether in oil or supplement form, these powerhouses of purity and potency can have a profound and wonderful impact on health and wellbeing of the whole family. They also put control of the family health well and truly back in your hands. I share information about essential oils in classes/workshops and also on a one to one consultation basis.

One to One Health Coaching3.  Clearing the emotional baggage and blockages that have prevented you from achieving the health or weight you crave. This is done through conversational sessions exploring patterns of thinking and beliefs that have built up over time that most of the time we’re blissfully unaware of. We just know we keep putting on weight, losing weight, putting it back on, or maybe we constantly get colds, back problems, breathing issues, struggle to sleep. It’s amazing how the body presents problems that we simply don’t listen to until it gets to crisis point.

How I do it

For long term health transformation I offer Health Coaching with clients One to One to help them get their head in the right place for the lifestyle changes they want to make and then to put a practical, achievable plan in place and make sure we’ve cleared any emotional baggage that might prevent them from succeeding.

Sometimes body work is the way forward. Sometimes the body is crying out for some physical attention and then I can help either with AromaTouch Technique or a combination of other body work techniques I have studied and practiced over the last 15 years.

I run Essential Oil Workshops and one to one wellness consultations in a variety or venues or in your own home, to share information about the power, versatility and effectiveness of essential oils.

And occasionally you’ll find me hosting a stall or as a guest speaker at an event. 

When I’m not working

Having grown up on the Wirral I’m delighted to be back some 20+ years later and love walking on the beach or in the woods with my springer spaniels Poppy, Rolo and Dolores, spending time with my family, running, cycling, swimming, circuit training and doing silly things like triathlons. In other words generally keeping fit and enjoying life.


Melissa Fairhurst - Fresh Start Health

Melissa Fairhurst - Fresh Start Health Melissa Fairhurst - Fresh Start Health


And if I can help you be physically and mentally fit enough to enjoy life to the full without having to resort to a cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs to keep you going then so much the better.

Membership of Professional Bodies

British Register of Complementary Practitioners

Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine


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